Sunday, June 28, 2015

Exploring Ensenada Mexico

Yesterday I drove into Ensenada, about a 10 minute drive now, I just wanted to explore and try to figure out where the buses come and go from.

I drove in and found a place to park so I could just walk around the city, it is WAY easier to get around by walking than driving, at least in the tourist areas.

I started off around here, the Plaza Marina, just a few blocks from the cruise ship terminal

It feels like every street is like this, people selling everything under the sun, I honestly don't know how any of them make any money.

 This was a row of restaurants across the street from a fish market, I will be coming back here when I'm more hungry.

At the Plaza Marina there are lots of boat rides, I picked this one, I haven't been on the water in a while, 30 pesos with a 10 peso tip. 40 pesos or $2.66 dollars for a 25 minute boat ride in the harbor and out to the ocean and back, well worth it.

 Like almost every Mexican vehicle I've seen, this was one rough old boat, lots of little things wrong with it, but we didn't sink

There is a Naval base near, I need to do some research about it

The sea lions were cool as always

 Next to the Plaza Marina was a boat yard for repairs, lots of cool stuff in there.

I walked on in this area to see the giant Mexican flag, but sadly, it is not on the gigantic flag pole, this pole was much higher. Nothing going on in this little plaza.

I followed a sign that said Train, and found this, a little underwhelming Mexico!

I was thinking of my British friends Russ and Isabel and decided to try some fish and chips in Mexico

Delicious, 93 pesos, I gave a 7 peso tip, so 100 pesos or $6.65  Not bad, but not really cheap.
Ensenda is just not cheap, it is a tourist town. I guess it's all relative..

I wanted to see what was in this building, turns out there is no art in this building

No art, but they had a parkour demonstration going on in this little plaza next to the Centro Estatal building

On the way home I thought I would have some fruit, picked up this little mix  to take home for 40 pesos $2.66

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  1. Good pics. Love that "train" - I want a ride. You did a good job of describing Ensenada. I love the sea lions too.