Friday, June 26, 2015

I've moved, now I'm right outside Ensenada

Wednesday I got my truck back, everything seems fine, no leaks, no engine damage, very happy about that. 
Thursday hooked up to my RV and headed to Ramona Beach Trailer Park By The Sea about 40 kilometers closer to Ensenada. Seems like a nice place, full hookups, electricity, water, sewage, and WIFI!!!  I'm lovin it!
I'm going to stay here for awhile, I paid for a month $350 dll or 5250 pesos.
This park is 6-7 miles from the cruise ship  area of Ensenada, buses are everywhere here, these are 10 peso buses, that .65 cents, a hell of a deal. Over the coming weeks I plan to bus into Ensenada and really explore the city and the food.

This is my google maps location:
Dropped Pin
near El Sauzal, B.C., Mexico

Here are some pictures from the last couple days.

These are the buses I will be using

Ramona Beach trailer park by the sea

The view from under the front of my 5th wheel, my new perch for ocean watching, cruise ships, and cargotainer ships are coming and going.

 My new "home"


  1. Looks good. And is that your internet dish right behind you? It looks so hot and dry, though I guess you're used to it, having come from Vegas. Are you having any culture shock? Trouble with the language?

  2. Nope, that dish is old, the cable goes nowhere, I bet it been there for years.
    I have had some culture shock, but not to bad, and the language barrier has been manageable. I've learned enough Spanish to make purchases, proper greetings, friendly things to say, but I will need to learn a lot more to hold a conversation with someone.