Saturday, June 20, 2015

Into each life some rain must fall

Yesterday was a mixed bag, great start, rough end.
I was in Ensenada in the morning, drove past Ensenada on down the coast to look for a more "permanent" RV camp.
I checked a few and ended up near here:
La Jolla Camping
Baja California, Mexico

I stopped, ask prices, walked around the La Jolla Camping RV park, got in my truck started it and got loud clattering, shut it down, checked the oil, none! Looked and saw I had left a trail and had a big puddle under the truck.
Long story shortened:
I broke down right next to a mechanic shop, they took a look, found that one of the lines for the oil cooler system was broken and spewing oil.
It must have just happened minutes before I stopped.
I sat there for 5 hours while they tried to find the part in Ensenada, no luck...
They ordered one from the dealership, and generously offered to take me back to my RV for 200 pesos for fuel.
Sooo.. I'm waiting at a bar/restaurant near my RV that has a little Internet.
When it is all done I will update the final cost, it should be 7000 pesos, roughly $465 dollars. Time will tell if they change the price.
Some pictures:

Isn't this fish man interesting?

I left Ensenada here, looking at camp grounds.

Old trucks break, it sucks, but no surprise.

The culprit, the connection for the line on the bottom is broken, not repairable. They told me you have to buy the lines and the housing, I had no internet, phone, or even txt on my phone so I couldn't do any research myself.
I couldn't have been more "over a barrel"

Hopefully I'll get it back today.
Worst case I stay where I am until Monday.
The view from my couch:


  1. What rotten luck. Hopefully all is now well, and like you said, it's not surprising that something popped up on the shakedown part of your cruise. Sounds like you broke down in a pretty lucky spot. The fish man is great, especially with the mustache.

  2. Linda is right (hello, Linda, nice to meet you). Better now than deep into Mexico somewhere way off the beaten track. Hope the food is good, the place you are living "instead of camping" looks good.