Friday, July 31, 2015

Making friends

Hanging out with my neighbors in my next door neighbor Neil's Bounder RV, great view, great company, and lots of vodka and also Mango Margaritas.
Neils, from British Columbia, and Gunther and Elisabeth, nice people to get drunk with, and watch Neil's get hot for Elisabeth's feet...
Good times!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Some random pictures from around Ensenada

This wall was made for graffiti 

I see some posters like this, looks like they have been there a long time

A cool mural I stumbled upon in an alley

I bought a $99 bike at Walmart in San Diego last Friday, now I just need to ride it to get myself ready for riding at Burning Man. I leave Mexico in about 30 days headed to Black Rock Desert, 735 miles one way.
I'll most likely come back to Mexico, but time will tell, actually, my lack of money will dictate what I do after Burning Man, it's my last hurrah before going back to work.

El Maleco Boardwalk in Ensenada 
I went with my neighbors Gunther and Elisabeth to check try to fine "Ensenada, a Blend of Wine & Sea" Gastronomic Fair 
Sadly we couldn't find any food fair, just the usual food venders, so we went to a nice restaurant nearby, had some great margaritas and awesome food.

Just chillin

My typical evening routine, just watching the power of the ocean

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Playing tourists in San Diego

Last Monday we went to Balboa Park and went to the Air and Space Museum, the Automobile Museum, and the NAT (natural history museum).
After that we went to the Embarcadero and took a Hornblower boat cruise in the San Diego Harbor.

The Japanese Zen Garden in Balboa park

I think it's the entrance to The San Diego Zoo


Hornblower Boat cruise

Sea lions

Tuesday we went to the Midway aircraft carrier museum 

After all this I took the train back to San Ysidro and walked back across the border, took maybe 15 minutes, they don't seem to check anything, there was no passport check, I just walked in.
Bus back to Ensenada, great trip, extremely happy that my friends came to visit, we really had a good time.

The line of cars to get into Mexico

Ensenada to San Diego trip

Last Sunday I took a bus into Ensenada, boarded the 8:45 am ABC bus to Tijuana

They take their time, a couple stops..  Finally get to Tijuana about 10:30 am
This is the ABC Linea terminal, the Border terminal, it's just a few blocks from where you walk across the boarder.

I'm on the walkway to cross the border and you can see the ABC bus on the left.

Lots of people driving out of Mexico 

I'm on the walkway to the border 

Yeah! I'm in line to cross the border!
11:04 am

11:30 am.  Yeah

12:12 pm.  yeah

12:52 pm.  yea..

12:56 pm  the border guard took my passport, scanned it, I walked past a drug dog, then there was a big line to run your bag through a scanner, a guard pointed at me and said "you can go"

I went! And here I am at San Ysidro California, just outside the border crossing.
Merika!! Oddly, everyone was still speaking Spanish.  :)
1:04 pm.  It felt like 4 hours, but it took 2 hours to cross the border on foot.

I needed to go get medical prescriptions that I ordered the day before at a Walmart a few miles from here, I grabbed a cab, $15. I got there at 1:20 pm, of course they closed from 1:15-2:15 pm for lunch, my luck!
I got my prescriptions at 2:25, went to leave Walmart to catch a bus to the Blue Line terminal at Palm Street, but, it was pouring rain, rain wasn't in the planning.
I bought a umbrella, and promptly got soaked walking to the bus stop, I was on one side of the street just in time to see the bus I needed leave on the other side of the street.

I stood here at the bus stop with no cover, getting rained on my little umbrella for 30 minutes until the next bus came.

Palm Street Terminal, after getting dropped off by the bus I got on this Blue Line Train, rode that to another terminal to catch the Orange Line to El Cahon to meet my friends.

Good to know when it's pouring rain