Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Some random pictures from around Ensenada

This wall was made for graffiti 

I see some posters like this, looks like they have been there a long time

A cool mural I stumbled upon in an alley

I bought a $99 bike at Walmart in San Diego last Friday, now I just need to ride it to get myself ready for riding at Burning Man. I leave Mexico in about 30 days headed to Black Rock Desert, 735 miles one way.
I'll most likely come back to Mexico, but time will tell, actually, my lack of money will dictate what I do after Burning Man, it's my last hurrah before going back to work.

El Maleco Boardwalk in Ensenada 
I went with my neighbors Gunther and Elisabeth to check try to fine "Ensenada, a Blend of Wine & Sea" Gastronomic Fair 
Sadly we couldn't find any food fair, just the usual food venders, so we went to a nice restaurant nearby, had some great margaritas and awesome food.

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  1. That is a neat mural. And it's hiding in an alley? Have fun biking.