Sunday, July 19, 2015

I love my old truck. A little less today (Saturday)

Getting ready for going to San Diego Sunday I checked the fluids on my truck, oil, half a quart low..  Look under and see I've got a leak.  I jack it up, get under there and see that one of my oil cooler lines is leaking again. I start the truck and poke around under there and can see that the the line is easy to move (loose), I push it one way to see how loose and it showers me we oil and dumps a few quarts on the ground before I get it turned off. Clearly the o-ring seal is broken, again.
I'm very sick of this problem, this is the third time this system has leaked.
I spent hours researching this problem, after I did a massive cleanup of me and the ground. I'm going to take care of it myself instead of paying some mechanic to half ass it.
My research helped me throughly understand how this stupid thing works and why it's a common fail in 90s and newer era GM engines. Lots of options and most likely I'll just bypass it for now by capping these hoses and look at some aftermarket, better, options.

Forum overload, but I think I know what I'm going to do after my trip to San Diego.

I got cleaned up just in time to watch the sunset, so, not completely a bad day.

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