Thursday, July 16, 2015


I went into Encenada today to check out the Home Depot and take some shoes back to Walmart.
I bought some OP loafers a couple weeks ago, got home took them out of the box, one was size 11 (what I wanted) the other was size 9, both were for the right foot.
I took them to the customer support area, the lady didn't speak English (why would she, I'm the foreigner) took a minute, but she finally got what I was saying and refunded me.
I roamed around and took some pictures of a Mexican Walmart.

Clamato, tomato juice and clam broth, I like it. To me, clamato is a very savory drink, it has a lot of spices in it, apparently Mexicans love it.

This is just the seafood part of the meat counter, if your looking at this on a phone you will miss how much seafood is there, I thought it was impressive.

Chicken broth

Mexicans must eat a lot of it, this was a whole section of an isle of it.

Fud..  Really!

Then I stopped by the motorcycle department..
I like this brown one, $16000 pesos, about $1066, seems like a good deal, it's a 125 cc, probably gets 70 mpg, right up until someone runs over you on these streets, or you disappear in a pothole never to be seen again.

Hell yeah I'll have wings!

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