Tuesday, August 4, 2015


If you enjoy travel pictures in Mexico, please go read the Bumfuzzle blog, Pat and Ali Schulte have been a major inspiration to me and my dreams of traveling.
I started reading them when I had a sailboat a few years ago, when they were  in the "Bought ourselves a monohull" adventure, I learned so much from Pat reading about their travels in Mexico on a sailboat.

Currently they are traveling through mainland Mexico in a 1966 Dodge Travco RV. They have travelled extensively in Mexico and there are a year and a half of blog post on their current adventure.

Pat and Ali are far better photographers than I am, I think you would really enjoy this blog, if your interested in seeing "real" Mexico, instead of the crap you see on the news.

About Pat and Ali:

Today's blog post:

The start of their Travco RV adventure to Mexico from Minnesota:

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It's always a treat to get one of their post in my inbox, check them out.

If you start reading this blog you will wonder how the hell they afford this travel lifestyle, Pat wrote a book explaining how he does stock market trading to pay for this life. "Life on the Margins" is the book, it's an interesting read, I quickly figured out that this is not suited to the way my brain works. I highly recommend "Bumfuzzle" the book, it is the story of them sailing around the world in a 35' catamaran.

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