Sunday, August 2, 2015

Exploring El Sauzal

I went for a drive through the town right next to me, El Sauzal, kind of a suburb of Ensenada. The town basically goes up a mountain and at the top and the other side of the mountain it turns to dirt roads and a third world looking village.
Here are some pictures I took.

It seems that trash goes anywhere. And a horse.
This is just a block off Highway 1 next to the ocean. The market runs on the street I'm standing in.

The market is running Monday and Friday
Bootleg DVDs and music 

High up into El Sauzal

On the back side of the mountain, looks like some serious poverty down there.


One of the "streets" at the top of El Sauzal. You can't see how steep this is, it was ridiculous. That chicken in the middle of the road had a bunch of little chicks behind her, I had to wait for them to cross.

You don't see this from Highway 1 down there near that marina.

And of course there are beetles here.


  1. It looks so bleak when you get away from the waterfront. And is it too dry there to raise gardens?

  2. I wondered the same thing about gardens, but I think it's more about having space to grow one and maybe lack of water. El Sauzal has very low water pressure most of the day, some times nothing comes out of the tap. I have a 35 gallon fresh water tank and a pump on the RV, so I just fill that tank when there is water pressure, and use the pump and tank when there is no pressure. I use bottled water for food prep, teeth brushing, and the Mexican water for everything else, I don't drink it.
    There are clearly some big farming going on, the markets have some great looking produce, I have seen large parcels of crops being grown on the other side of Ensenada.