Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Exploring on the way to San Quintin

I helped my RV neighbors move to the house they rented on the other side of Ensenada then took a drive further down the coast on Highway 1. I thought about going to San Quintin, but only got about 30 kilometers of the 100 kilometers before I decided to go home. I'll take this drive again later.

I started in 
Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada, B.C., Mexico
This is just past Ensenada on highway 1.

This little town is mostly shops on highway 1, one block off the highway it turns to dirt roads.

One block away

Get your tire fixed, and have a hot dogos, how convenient.  :)

Always a meat store, lots of meat

Internet for everyone!

Lots of yellow here.

I then went on down highway 1 and ran into El Puerto, I drove off highway 1 to check out this village.

That's a lot of pants

El Puerto streets

On the road to Santo Tomas where I turned around. 
Very hilly 

A rest stop

Lots of vineyards in this area

A very nice drive, after awhile it all starts looking the same, but still a nice drive.

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